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Richard Menjivar

"If you don’t do what you need to do (work hard, eat right, sleep well) someone else will be working every day to reach your same goals."



Richie one of the first to support Crack and a long time friend.Tells us a little bit about himself and his Futbol experience up to date.


What is your definition of a Crack?

A footballer that is leagues above other players in technique, skill, decision making, and football IQ.


How was the Futbol culture growing up in LA? Has it changed since?

The culture was great. I always pride myself being from LA because I’ve been to other states and have seen other players development and nothing comes close to SoCal. Texas is probably next but it’s no coincidence that most of the players for both men’s and women’s US national team come from SoCal. We always try to play attractive fútbol with most players being very skillful and creative.


You had the opportunity to play with Giorgis Samara, how was that experience?

Great guy, very humble, works hard. He’s been at the top level and always tried to help the younger guys out with some advice. I would consider him one of Celtics icons. 

Playing for El Salvador has given you the opportunity to play against many Cracks, who would you say are your Top 3 games? Why?

Definitely playing Spain, Argentina, and Chile in Chile. The game vs Spain was right before the World Cup and the game in Chile was right before they won the copa America. It’s great to see the level that they are at and compare yourself. See the little things they do right which can help you improve your own game. The one thing that I know that separates them from the rest is their train of thought and speed of play. They may not have been the most athletic but all their passes and movements were top speed.


Who do you think will have the most impact in the 2018 World Cup? Why?

I think Brazil might win the whole thing. They’re more experienced than they were four years ago and they’re players have really come a long way. They have more depth and have some serious game changers on their squad.  


Where do you see yourself in the next years in terms of Futbol?

I definitely want to be able to experience fútbol in one of the major countries of the world. I know it’s tough but I want to take my career to the highest levels. It definitely won’t be easy but South America or Europe are always a dream of mine. And of course be able to come back to LA and play for my childhood team LAFC.

What advice would you give to young players who want to become professional soccer players?  

Work hard and be disciplined. It’s easy to get off track. If you don’t do what you need to do (work hard, eat right, sleep well) someone else will be working every day to reach your same goals. It takes sacrifice, long periods of not seeing family, being away from home, learning new cultures and experiences but if you really want it, you have to do all the right things. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing all your hard work pay off.

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  • Richard Menjivar is an awesome soccer player and MLS needs to give him an opportunity! He is a great team player, but I guess they just want the ball hogs! Give Richard a chance to play in MLS and LAFC to represent the growing Salvadorian population in Los Angeles!!

    Elsa Gutierrez on

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